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Swimming Pool Video – DVD Series

Recognized as # 1 for Swimming Pool Care Instruction

Learn the Secrets of the Professionals with this Broadcast Quality Video


This top quality swimming pool care video (DVD) is technically accurate, in-depth and covers almost every aspect of pool care in easy to understand layman's terms. (Four different versions now available to meet the needs of any type of pool.)

Now you can have access to the same professional swimming pool video series, being used by Health Departments and Pool Builders nationwide and internationally to train their own inspectors, pool services and residential pool owners.

The pool care video will take you through all the steps of caring for a swimming pool, actually showing you how to perform each task, from testing the pool to cleaning filters. The best feature is, it's non-commercialized, no brand name products just straight information from professionals.

The life of your swimming pool depends upon how well you care for it, and this video is an essential tool for any pool owner.

Two years of research and development with the industry's leading chemists have helped to create an instructional video program that has set a standard in the nation. Information from one source, everyone can relate to, both residential and commercial is invaluable.

Used Nationwide and Internationally by both Professionals and Consumers:

Pool Professionals

Perfect for training both the novice and the most advanced pool professional. Great for those starting in the business. Used In C.P.O. courses and training seminars.



The life of your swimming pool depends upon how well you care for it, and this video is an essential tool for any pool owner. Save time and money learning inside professional tips.


Home Builders

Home builders have been so impressed with the video they are making it a requirement for their new pool / home customers. Reducing callbacks and warranty service calls.


Commercial Pools

Used by health departments in training seminars to teach commercial pool operators for Hotels, Apartments, Condos, Water Parks and many others, on how to properly care for pools.


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The instructors of our Level 1 Course were excited to have available the "Tips from the Pros-Pool Care" video because there are very few productions of this quality and informational content available for teaching aids.
- Dwayne Djkowich, CPHI
Public Health Inspector
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