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This top quality swimming pool care video – DVD series, is technically accurate, in-depth and covers almost every aspect of pool care in easy to understand layman’s terms. (Four different versions now available to meet the needs of any type of pool.)

Now you can learn from professionals all the inside money and time saving tips to keeping your swimming pool sparkling blue at all times. Your new swimming pool is an investment and learning how to properly care for it is important for both the enjoyment of your pool but to protect your investment.

Select the Pool Care Digital Video, that matches your type of swimming pool.

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Poo Care Video Volume 1Pool Care Video – DVD – All Types & Plaster Version:

This video addresses the needs of all types of pools with special emphasis on pools with the interior surface that is plaster, gunite or marcite. (Note: plaster, gunite and marcite are all the same thing, different regions call it by different nicknames.) This video teaches step by step how to care for this type of swimming pool.
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Pool Care Video Volume 2Pool Care Video-DVD – Vinyl & Fiberglass:
This video is for pools that have vinyl liners, or fiberglass surfaces. Vinyl pools need different care than regular plaster pools, the tools used, chemicals and even the troubleshooting algae can be different in a vinyl liner or fiberglass pool. This video teaches step by step how to care for this type of swimming pool. This can also be used for aboveground pools.
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Pool Care Video Volume 3Pool Care Video-DVD – Fox:
This video is a special edition just for Fox Pools. Fox Pool Corporation wanted to not only give their customers great pools, they wanted to be sure they give them the tools to care for it also. This video teaches step by step how to care for the Fox Pool.
(Limited time only)
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Pool Care Video Volume 4Commercial Pools Training Program – Video – DVD & Manual:
Perfect set for commercial pools which have much more complex problems due to swimmer load and large volume. This video and manual is the perfect training program to teach proper pool care to the beginner and experienced pool operator. This is the same video training program used nationally and internationally by health departments in training seminars.
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The instructors of our Level 1 Course were excited to have available the "Tips from the Pros-Pool Care" video because there are very few productions of this quality and informational content available for teaching aids.
- Dwayne Djkowich, CPHI
Public Health Inspector
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