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Pool Care Video Series is a part of the “Tips From The Pros” ( Pool Industry) Learning Network, by Imagiforce Research, a division of Imagiforce Corporation.

It’s Mission:
“Tips From The Pros” Learning Network is helping to build better lifestyles – by providing a higher level of knowledge, that allows the public to have the best sources of information, so they can better understand the vast array of products and choices available today.

Corporate Profile:
Imagiforce ® Corporation – was established in Florida in 1987 It is comprised of a unique group, (wnners of numerous awards, including 2 emmys ), It is heavily involved in education, business, trade, advanced technologies, and family oriented entertainment.

Imagiforce Research:
An extensive, hands on, research and development environment, with professional training courses, tips and information, from different industries around the world.  It is based on a network of top leaders, with years of experience, solving complex business, and other educational challenges.

Imagiforce Studios:
A division of Imagiforce Corporation and producer of the famous “Tips From The Pros”- Pool Care Video series, has also produced hi-tech educational videotapes for the science, aerospace, medical, defense and other chemical industries, as well as the swimming pool industry.

For more information relating to Imagiforce and the pool care video, please visit Press Releases.

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The instructors of our Level 1 Course were excited to have available the "Tips from the Pros-Pool Care" video because there are very few productions of this quality and informational content available for teaching aids.
- Dwayne Djkowich, CPHI
Public Health Inspector
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